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Relating Diversity in Liberalism to Current Ideologies

One of the articles under this tab is written in English:

Populism, Nationalism, and Multiculturalism
red-047  (2016-11-14).
In the present state of the (political) world it is important that we shall 'think out of the box'. The present article is an attempt in that direction. Here I first propose a more structured model of the political spectrum, as compared to the traditional left-right axis. The purpose of the new model is in particular to better characterize the various views of nations and states, as well as the various populist positions. The proposed model uses a multilayered structure instead of the usual, linear one, and it observes that nationalism is unusual in that it cuts across several of the layers.

I then use this model for a discussion of the current challenges for our political system, and of how they can best be met. This leads up to my proposal for amendments to the traditional nation and state concepts and for how they are related.

There is also an article in Swedish; the following is its title an abstract in English:

What's in the middle of the new political spectrum? (2016-10-24).

The traditional left-right spectrum in politics is often questioned, and lately the concept GAL-TAN has been advanced as a way of describing (some) major alternatives that are of interest today. GAL would then stand for Green, Alternative, and Liberal, whereas TAN would be an acronym for Traditional, Authoritarian and Nationalist. This is an attempt to characterize the endpoints of a spectrum that also admits intermediate positions.

But what is there then in the middle of the spectrum? One interesting answer to this question is offered by the American scientist T.A. Aleinikoff through his article 'A Multicultural Nationalism' that was published in 1998. In this article I descrie his proposal and some subsequent works.