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Further Considerations with Respect to Ideology

This heading is used for articles that further develop our concept of Diversity in Liberalism. One of them is available in English, as follows:

Relevance of Diversity in Liberalism Today
red-122  (2018-01-03).
This article argues the relevance of Diversity in Liberalism for addressing the situation that has arrived in our country, where there are now considerable cultural differences between different groups in society.

The following are the titles and abstracts of the other articles, in English:

The right to do and the right to have (2013-11-16).

This article departs from the observation that the principle of freedom of religion is sometimes used for claiming the right to perform or not to perform certain actions, and sometimes for claiming the right to enjoy certain benefits. It also notes that the 'right to do' is usually regulated or restricted by law, whereas the 'right to have' is usually regulated by administrative decisions in government agencies. The article discusses the problems with this way of doing things, and proposes that the state should formally decide what ,ay be included and what may not be included in a 'religion' from the point of view of our country.

Violating the law and violating the values, as seen by the state and by the nation (2017-04-29).

This article makes some proposals for how society-foundational values may be decided and supported. We use the term 'violation of values' (värderingsbrott) for a deviation from society-foundational values, by analogy with 'violation of the law' (lagbrott). The article discusses what consequences may follow from a violation of values in our society today, and what are the needs and possibilities of a further development of the society-foundational values. The article concludes with a concrete proposal concerning the relation between society-foundational values and civic concept of a nation.

Proposal for an Integration Strategy (2018-09-12).

Integration has been advanced as one of the major issues in this year's election campaign, but the debate has suffered from a lack of substance. There were rarely any principled arguments about this topic, nor any new proposals for concrete actions. I propose that there is a need for a coherent strategy that contains a principled view of the problem and, based on it, a number of concrete actions both for the short term and for the long term. This article proposes some first steps towards such a strategy.

We need group politics and group dialog -- not just identity politics (2018-09-20).

The article views identity politics and cosmopolitanism as two opposite and extreme positions. From this perspective it proposes an intermediate point of view that "accepts the existence of groups and of boundaries between them, but which also confirms everyone's right to transcend these boundaries". This leads to the question how group-specifis values shall be related to the common, society-foundational values, which is a question of central importance for Diversity in Liberalism.