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Website history

The following are the major milestones in the development of this website:

July, 2013: Start of the activity to collect links to newspaper articles and other on-line material that may be of interest for the topic of diversity in our society.

September, 2013: First design of a website for posting my own Swedish-language debate articles on the topic of cultural diversity. I chose the name 'Argument och fakta' which of course means 'Arguments and Facts'. The idea for this name was obtained from the Russian newspaper 'Argumenti i fakti', but apart from the name there is no connection to that Russian publication.

February, 2014: Work on the website was halted since I focused on writing a book on the topic of diversity. The book was called 'Samtal om Sveriges nation' (Conversations about the nation of Sweden) and it was published in August, 2015. It did not sell very well, however. A possible reason may be that it was not politically correct.

September, 2015: Work was resumed, both on the website and on the writing of debate articles. The website was split into two sections, one for articles and the other one for the clipping library.

June, 2017: The article section of the website was reorganized. The ideological stance of 'diversity in liberalism' was formulated, and was included in the revised article section.

January, 2019: The development of an English-language counterpart of the debate section was started.

The Cliplib section contains a page showing the size of the clipping library at successive points in time, which may give an impression of how it has evolved.