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Ideological basis: Diversity in Liberalism

This division describes a proposed amendment to plain Political Liberalism that addresses issues arising when there is extensive ethnic, religious, or other cultural diversity in a society. We use the term Diversity in Liberalism for the resulting stance. Its basic principles can be summarized as follows:

  • Diversity in this sense is an asset for society and shall be encouraged;

  • At the same time, the state shall make sure that the diversity does not lead to a fragmentation of the society, for example if some groups form their own sub-societies with norms that are inconsistent with the norms of the surrounding society;

  • The state must therefore be clear about which society-foundational values are to apply, and react in appropriate ways when they are not respected;

  • The state must also conduct a policy whereby fragmentation into parallell subsocieties does not arise for social or economic reasons.

The submenu to the left links to pages that describe this stance in more concrete terms. It consists of two parts. The five pages after the present one provide additional explanations of our approach in English. The pages thereafter contain brief summaries of extended, Swedish-language articles that represent the substance of our proposals for Diversity in Liberalism. Except, the following tabs lead to pages where the full articles are in English:
-- Background articles
-- Further analysis (one of the articles)
-- Related ideologies