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The following are the English titles and short abstracts of the articles that occur on the Swedish side of this page. The articles are divided into three groups, as follows.

Debate articles about Muslim leaders and organizations

The PR problem and the future of the Muslim group in Sweden (2018-02-15).

Here I argue that the issue of 'islamophobia' is a non-starter, and that Muslim leaders would do better if they consider it as a public-relations problem that they have greatly contributed to themselves.

Maimuna Abdullahi and subjectivity (2017-12-27).

Maimuna Abdullahi's debate articles are often focussed in either of two issues: racism and colonialism, or the problems concerningh the hijab. In my article I criticize her for being onesided, and for not taking other perspectives of these questions into account.

A Review of the published articles by Amanj Aziz (2017-12-16).

Amanj Aziz was one of the two main actors in a performance at the Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. In thideologi och dess utkast till konstitution för kalifatet red-009 e subsequent, very polarized debate he was described by some as an islamic extremist. I wanted to find out the facts about this, in particular by going back to the sources in the sense of his published articles and his own words. In this article I report what I had found out.

An extended hand, a handshake, and the perils of putting yourself in an outsider position (2016-05-24).

Debate articles about aspects of Islam

What keeps Islam from accepting liberal democracy? (2018-05-20).

This article reviews the arguments that have been advanced by Ahmad Vaezi in his book 'Shia Political Thought' that appeared in 2004.

The reformation in Islam will probably not come very soon (2017-06-03).

Should we respond to Islamic criticism of democracy as a form of government? (2016-03-30).

Factual articles

Under this heading we list articles that describe a person or a religious movement.

Summary of Islam-related authors (2017-12-12).

Anwar al-Awlaki about the caliphate, democracy, and the Muslim Brotherhood (2013-11-16).

The European Council of Fatwa and Research, and its instructions to European Muslims (2014-02-13).

The United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, and its relation to the corresponding declaration in Islam (2016-03-06).

Introduction to a series of articles about the view of State and Law in a number of religious movements (2015-11-05).

The Muslim Brotherhood's attitude to democracy (2014-01-15).

A summary of Hizb ut-Tahrir's ideology and its draft constitution for the Caliphate (2015-11-17).