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Other Sections in this Website

This website consists primarily of the following two sections:

The Debate Section (this one),,

The Cliplib Section, contains a structured catalog of more than 4600 articles in the area of interest of the website. Most of them are newspaper articles in Swedish or English, together with some in German or French language. There are also links to books and to scientific articles. Only publications that are freely accessible over the Internet are included, with some exceptions.

The name 'cliplib' refers to how, in old times, people would cut out articles from newspapers and paste them into a collection of newspapper 'clippings'. Nowadays one can instead collect links to articles of interest.

There are also a few other sections with specialized purposes. All sections have been developed in Swedish language, but there is presently an effort to translate the Debate Section into English, so that both language variants can be accessed in parallel. This remains to be done for the Cliplib section, but since many of the titles of the specific articles are in English, it may still be of some interest to browse the pages of that section in order to get an impression of what topics are being covered.