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Approach and Basic Theses for Diversity in Liberalism

The following are the titles and brief abstracts in English for most of the articles that belong under this heading.

Articles that have been published on this website

About Diversity in Liberalism. (2018-04-19).

A concise description of Diversity in Liberalism, presented in an evening lecture at the Heimdal Society at Uppsala University.

The Basic Principles for Diversity in Liberalism (2017-02-16).

This article contains a definition of Diversity in Liberalism in terms of twenty-four precisely defined theses.

The Ideological Basis for Diversity in Liberalism (2017-02-16).

This article is a more extensive definition of Diversity in Liberalism, as compared with the previous one. It consists of an introduction that discusses the concepts being used, followed by the twenty-four theses of the previous article. By way of conclusion, it compares this definition with a complementary ideological stance that we refer to as welfare liberalism.

Our need for real ideologies (2017-02-19).

This article discusses the need for a coherent ideology when considering issues related to ethnic and religious diversity. It serves as a motivation for the choice of approach in this project.

Articles in general media

A liberalism for the contemporary diversity (2017-01-11).

A summary of our approach, published in the daily newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.