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Articles about Foundational Values in Diversity Liberalism

One of the basic theses for Diversity in Liberalism is as follows:

Law-abidingness (i.e. the willingness of citizens to abide by the laws) is very important in a justice-based society, but it can not be accomplished only by use of laws and a police forisce. Instead, it requires that there are common values in society which regulate those things that one can not pass laws about, and so that the law-abidingness is spontaneous to a major extent. We refer to these common values as society-foundational values (samhällsgrundande värderingar). At the same time, there has to be a functioning and credible judicial system that serves as the ultimate guarantee that the laws are respected.

We prefer to discuss 'society-foundational values', rather than e.g. 'national values'. The articles on this page discuss values in general, and society-foundational values in particular.. Reviderad

Articles containing definitions of concepts

Value communities and nations (2017-01-02).

This article contains our definition of the concept of a 'value community' which is used in several other articles, in particular the next one, and the articles under the tab 'Basic theses'. It alsiso contains a discussion of some related issues, such as the view of the nation as a value community.

Values, norms and attitudes (2017-05-23).

The question of 'national values' and a 'national value base' has been much debated in recent years. Most debate contributions in the general press have used these terms without giving any precise definitions of them. Since I have discussed these questions in a few articles of my own (see below), and since I intend to continue with a few more, I first want to specify my use of them in this brief article. These definitions are being used in other articles, in particular the following one.

Proposals for specific society-foundational values

Proposal for the major points in a national value base, version 3 (2017-05-15, revised 2017-08-09).

This article defines twenty-four 'values' or 'attitudes' which are proposed for inclusion in a national value base. The proosal is made since I consider that the question of 'Swedish values' should not be limited to making an inventory of values that people in general may mention when asked. Instead, it is important to have a debate about which values we shall need in today's society. This will give an opportunity to come up with proposals for new values, or attitudes, that are motivated by new conditions, such as the increasing diversity in the society. With this article I want to contribute to such a debate. is

Additional aspects of society-foundational values

What does it mean to defend Swedish values? (2016-10-01).

'Swedish values must be defended' wrote Anna Kinberg Batra and Andreas Norlén in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on June 6, 2016. (This is the Swedish national day, and the authors are leaders of the Conservative party). According to them, these values are mostly challenged by fundamentalist och traditionalist tendencies that have grown and achieved strength in disadvantaged, suburban areas. In this article I discuss what values are and how they can change, or be changed. From this point of view I then discuss the possibilities of change, in particular concerning the kinds of values that are mentioned in Kinberg-Batra's article.

The discussion about Swedish values must be inclusive (2016-07-21).

It is unfortunate that the current discussion about 'Swedish values' is so much devoted to the problem of countering extremism. The basic problem concerning physical and cultural exclusion in disadvantaged areas may instead be that people living there are not included in the open discussion about 'Swedish values', neither in the daily press, debates on the Internet and in social media, or (I suppose) in societies of various kinds.