Diversity in Liberalism

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Ideological basis: Diversity in Liberalism

This division describes an amendment to plain Political Liberalism that addresses issues arising when there is extensive ethnic, religious, or other cultural diversity in a society. We use the term Diversity in Liberalism for the resulting stance. Its basic principles can be summarized as follows:

  • Diversity in this sense is an asset for society and shall be encouraged;

  • At the same time, the state shall make sure that the diversity does not lead to a fragmentation of the society, for example if some groups form their own sub-societies with norms that are inconsistent with the norms of the surrounding society;

  • The state must therefore be clear about which society-foundational values are to apply, and react in appropriate ways when they are not respected;

  • The state must also conduct a policy whereby fragmentation into parallell subsocieties does not arise for social or economic reasons.

These basic tenets are elaborated in the Swedish-language pages of this division. Many of the pages have an English-language translation or summary. The horizontal main menue at the top of the page, and the vertical sub-menue to the left can be used for accessing the various pages. It is also possible to switch between the English-language and the Swedish-language version of a page, using the 'en' and 'sv' codes in the upper-left corner.

Please refer in partiular to the page under the heading 'Background', tab 'Relevance Today' for a general description of our approach.