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Deb-10: Islamfobins uppkomst och omfattning

Muslim-side arguments about the origin of islamophobia

2017-06-16: pan-10281    Where does Chinese Islamophobia come from?.
Eliot Evans i supchina.

2018-12-22: pan-10007    Muslim cleansing: A global pandemic?.
Hamid Dabashi i Aljazeera.

2019-01-21: pan-10280    Chinese Islamophobia was made in the West.
Mobashra Tazamal i Aljazeera.

Counter-arguments and rebuttals

There are no simple reasons for islamophobia
red-148  (2019-01-12).
A rebuttal to pan-10007.

Counter-islamic policies in specific countries

In the U.S.

2019-01-17: pan-10260    Trump's new 'anti-Muslim' appointee worries civil rights groups.
Patrick Strickland i Aljazeera.

In India

2019-01-08: pan-10200    India's lower house passes citizenship bill that excludes Muslims.
i Aljazeera.

2019-01-12: pan-10228    The new citizenship bill and the Hinduisation of India.
Apoorvanand i Aljazeera.

In China

2018-11-17: pan-10282    China is locking up its Muslim minorities, and pushing Islamophobia to get Europe to do it too .
Alexandra Ma i Nordic Business Insider.

2018-11-27: pan-10283    China's Most Popular App Is Full of Hate.
Frankie Huang i Foreignpolicy.

2019-01-05: pan-10175    China passes law to make Islam 'compatible with socialism'.
i Aljazeera.