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Letters to the Editor, and List of Debate Topics

Questions from the Readers

Two Swedish-language questions from readers involving requests for clarifications are listed in the Swedish counterpart of the present page. No such questions in English so far.

Letters to the Editor from the Readers

Note: The tab for 'Participants' leads to a list of those who take part in the debate activities, with their titles and affiliation. In the interest of simplicity and informality, only their proper names are shown elsewhere on this website.

2022-11-24: A letter from Abdullahi A. An-Naim on the question whether the state should or should not be proactive with respect to values in society. This letter starts the debate about 'Value Promotion' (see the left-side menu).

2023-11-05: A letter from Malik Ghallab concerning the applicability and the eventual survival of the paraliberal viewpoint. It starts the conversation under the menu item 'Paraliberal Prevalence'.

2023-11-11: A letter from Kashif Virk which starts the debate under the menu item 'Freedom of Women'.

2023-12-03: A letter from Malik Ghallab that starts the conversation about 'Collective Action'.

Notes about the Topics of Debates and Conversations

Each debate or conversation has its own item in the submenu. The following describes the topics for each of these.

Value Promotion

This debate is a mildly edited transcript of the e-mail interactions with Pr. A.A. An-Naim following his letter of 2022-11-15 (above).

Paraliberal Prevalence

A conversation with Dr. Malik Ghallab following his letter of 2023-11-05 (above).

The Freedom of Women in the Past

A debate that started with claims about how incorrect or misleading accounts of history may be used for promoting one cultural sphere at the expense of another one.

Collective Action

A conversation about the upsides and the downsides of situations where a large number of individuals have a common purpose and take action accordingly, but without any particular organization or leadership.

Experimental use of a Mastodon Site

As an experiment, the debate on 'Value Promotion' has been posted on Mastodon with tags for #liberalism and #politicalphilosophy. (This did not lead to any noticeable activity though).

Contributions to this debate are welcome and posting them on Mastodon is encouraged, for example on and/or with the hashtag #liberalism.